My name is Simone. Born 1974, in Winterthur, I live with 3 cats in the idyllic countryside, close to Zurich city.
I am a professional fine-art photographer and a certified behavior counsellor.
The beauty of nature enchants me since I can remember. As a child I spent joyful times outdoor. I enjoyed wandering through our garden full of flowers and trees, smelling the scents and being touched about nature's beauty. I remember my father taking photos and as a child I could hardly wait until these got developed and I could finally see them.
Through the lens of my camera I strive to capture the subject in detail, in its pureness, in that very special intimate moment. I love to take photos of flowers, animals and people and I always try to capture the subject as the beautiful creature of nature. I use the light to paint the picture. To me photography is about seeing, feeling, touching, loving. I take my time to get the perfect photo shoot.

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Lafleur Gallery

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