My name is Simone. Born in 1974 in Winterthur, I live in the idyllic countryside near the city of Zurich.
I am a professional fine-art photographer.
The beauty of nature has enchanted me since I can remember. As a child, I loved spending time outdoors. I enjoyed walking through gardens full of flowers and trees, smelling the scents and being touched by the beauty of nature. I love observing nature, people and animals and capturing special moments and making them explicit in character.
Through the lens of my camera, I try to capture the subject in its purity, in that very special, intimate moment. I use the light to paint the picture. I strive to capture images of nature, of you, of your beloved ones and of animals in unique beauty, creating poetry. For me, photography is about seeing, feeling, touching, loving, creating a poem, expressing wishes and capturing memories. I take the time to create the perfect photo shoot to create a signature image that will touch you emotionally and last a lifetime.

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